Things to see and do near the Hotel La Falconara

The Sanctuary of Saint Maria of the Army

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The Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Armi (15th-16th century), is a remarkable example of Renaissance art. The architectural complex, which is partly excavated in the side of the mountain, has a chapel, which holds the miraculous black image of the Madonna, preserved in a silver casket. It is located at a site formerly dedicated to worship, as seen by findings dating back to the tenth century, found in the rock caves of Mount Sellaro.

Cave of the Ninfe – Pool and Spa in Cerchiara

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The springs of the Grotta delle Ninfe, whose sulphurous waters feed the spa complex of the same name, is a worthwile destination. In the side of the mountain, from a deep cave made of limestone rock walls, pours a stream of hot water (30 ° C), which was known to the ancient Sibarites. Mud, with therapeutic properties, is formed by this hot spring. According to ancient legend, the Lusiadi Cave of Nymphs was hidden, and guarded the thalamus of the legendary Calypso.

Mount Pollino National Park

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The Pollino National Park covers 192.565,00 hectares of land and is located between the regions of Basilicata (also called Lucania) and Calabria. On the west, it ranges from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea, from Cozzo del Pellegrino to Serra Dolcedorme, from the Piani di Campolongo, Novacco, and Lanzo, to Piani del Pollino, from the rivers Argentino and Abatemarco, to the gorges of Lao and Raganello, to the Peschiera torrents and Frido. The whole area of ​​Pollino is formed by the Massicci del Pollino and Orsomarso. The mountain range that is part of the southern Apennines bordering the Basilicata and Calabria boasts the highest peaks of southern Italy which remain snowy for a long period starting from November and ending in May with the melt the first snow. The height of its peaks reaches 2,200 meters above sea level. This natural area enjoys great prestige and is composed of dolomitic rocks, limestone bastions, walls of architectural fault, cliffs, very deep gorges, karst caves, volcanic timbers, sinkholes, plateaus, meadows, high altitude pastures, morainic accumulations, glacial cirques and erratic boulders.

Odissea 2000 Water Park

60 minuti - Indicazioni da Hotel La Falconara

The Odissea 2000 water park is located in Rossano Calabro (CS). The marvelous Ionian Sea with its sunny beaches is the backdrop to the 80,000 square meters of pure fun.

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